MilKit ambassador Jono Jones racing the Redbull Hardline downhill mountain bike race in the UK


MilKit ambassador Jono Jones jumping on a mountain bike doing a turndown

I’m lucky enough to have a twin brother who’s also a professional MTB rider. My inspiration came from being competitive with him when we were growing up, always wanting to go bigger or faster. We compete in very different disciplines now, but riding together is still competitive but so so fun!

I think what makes me different from other riders now is that I’ve found a groove where showing my perspective of a race on videos such as YouTube gives people an idea of what the races are like. This means that the result isn’t so important, although it’s still something I care about as racing is a huge part of my riding.

My goals for the future are to continue to produce content at events, but also to improve on my 2021 EWS results while doing so.

MilKit ambassador Jono Jones catching big air off a jump at the Redbull Hardline downhill mountain bike race

Jono Jones Crans Montana Enduro Preview

MilKit ambassador Jono Jones sending road gap jump at Redbull Hardline